Sport Schedule Pro v2.2/2.3
Leagues - Tournaments - Team - Individual Sports
Soccer - Baseball - Football - Basketball - Hockey and More

Our sports schedules have been used in local, regional, and national baseball and soccer events

Sport Schedule Pro now for DotNetNuke 4.5-7.0, is a feature packed scheduling module suitable for soccer, baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and many, many more. Both versions have the same great features and are tailored for the version of DotNetNuke that you are using.

Sport Schedule Pro is suitable for leagues or tournaments, team or individual sports.

Sport Schedule Pro is a highly flexible module for creating and managing schedules for many different sporting events. It may be used for tournaments, league schedules, and other events. As results are entered into the schedule, statistics are automatically generated.

All required settings in Sport Schedule Pro have automatically created defaults. Sport Schedule Pro’s settings allow you to customize the schedules appearance and features to suit you individual requirements. As you create your schedule, you may customize those values.

Many new features have been added to Sport Schedule Pro v2.2/2.2 at the request of its' users

    • DotNetNuke versions 4.5 to 7.0 are now supported
    • New league schedule format
    • Standings only display mode
    • Schedule only display mode
    • Location now has hyperlink to link to additional information
    • Purchase of the module includes a one year subscription to all new releases